What You Should Look for in a Tax Lawyer

tax lawyerYou may have done everything in your power to avoid a legal entanglement with the Internal Revenue Service. But it has not worked, and you find yourself facing very serious tax issues. Being in this position can be daunting. However, you can get the help you require by hiring a tax attorney in Atlanta.

A Georgia tax attorney is the only professional who can help you resolve problems with the IRS or state tax officials. If you are dealing with the city of Atlanta, you should likewise hire an attorney. Atlanta tax law can be complex, and it is important to get the right advice before you respond to queries or submit any paperwork.

Avoid Tax Consultant Cowboys

There are individuals and companies that pose as tax consultants and advisors. These entities aggressively market their services and make promises that they do not have the knowledge, competence, or experience to keep. They will try to get you to sign a contract that will commit you to pay them fees. You are unlikely to get anything in return, which is why you should avoid these tax consultant cowboys at all costs.

What to Look for in a Tax Attorney

Georgia tax attorneys are legally bound to the ethical rules of the profession to follow certain guidelines when handling your case. You should speak to a Bar-certified tax attorney before you speak or have any contact with tax authorities. This is the only way to avoid doing anything that will undermine your case.

Here are some of the things to look for in a tax attorney:

  1. The firm deals only with tax issues

Tax attorneys in Atlanta know the federal, state, and local laws regarding tax. You need this kind of specialized knowledge if you have any chance of resolving your tax issue to your advantage.

  1. They have a degree

An accounting degree or similar alongside actual IRS experience makes for a powerful ally. You want this kind of person on your side.

  1. They have experience in dealing with your specific problem

You should hire an attorney who has extensive expertise and experience in your particular problem. You should avoid hiring a lawyer who must essentially learn the specific area of law related to your problem while handling your case. This can lead to all sorts of mistakes and oversights. You can usually assess a lawyer’s knowledge of an issue by the way they speak about it. If your attorney can speak intelligently and concretely about the legal issues that surround your problem, then they will probably do well by you.

  1. Rapport

Feeling comfortable with an attorney is important. This is someone to whom you must divulge some of your most intimate secrets. Although all lawyers are bound by attorney-client privilege, you should feel at ease in the presence of your attorney. You should feel as though you can tell them anything.

  1. References

If you have a personal attorney, you should have them refer you to a tax attorney. They will be best placed to know the best tax lawyers in the industry. You can also seek the advice of friends, family members, and work colleagues. You may also look at the reviews and testimonials of previous clients to determine whether a tax law firm has what it takes to represent you.

The bottom line is that you should never try to take on the tax authorities on your own. You should not even communicate or negotiate with them without the advice and assistance of an attorney. If you are having problems with your taxes, you should consult with the Atlanta tax attorneys at the Law Office of Max Benkel.

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