Can a Tax Attorney Really Help?

tax attorneyWhen it comes to our taxes, it is imperative to contact a proven top-notch tax attorney. And even though tax laws are similar in each state, there are some differences. So, if you live in Georgia, it will behoove you to get a proven top-notch attorney. Even with the most complex tax and estate situations, this type of lawyer will take you step-by-step, and you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. 

What does a Tax Attorney do?

Tax attorneys assist their clients to navigate and to be in compliance with the complicated tax code system and to legally take advantage of exemptions. They also help their clients to take advantage of credits and myriad deductions. Other things that they do include representing clients in tax disputes and representing businesses and individuals.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help?

A certified public accountant (CPA) is also trained to do most of these tax issues. However, this professional doesn’t have the unique specifications on tax legalities and tax planning laws. Complicated tax situations are only for tax attorneys, and many of these tax situations are related to state taxes. Thus, anyone dealing with disputes with his/her local municipality or other state tax issues must have a trustworthy tax attorney from his/her state. For example, if you live in Georgia, it will behoove you to get a proven, high-quality Georgia tax attorney. 

A CPA is trained to manage finances holistically. This professional is great for those having relatively unusual tax problems. Some examples include ensuring the protection of various investments or being divorced or married with children.

On the other hand, a tax attorney has a degree relating to tax-related finance. This professional must also pass the bar exam that is for his/her residential state before he or she is allowed to practice law. So, for the state of Georgia, only licensed Georgia tax attorneys are able to provide legal services concerning taxes. 

Possible Tax Attorney Scenarios

The following includes various, complex situations regarding tax law. So, whether it is an Atlanta tax law or a Decatur tax law, the bottom line is that you will need a proven tax attorney that will ensure your finances and assets are protected. Here are examples of those complex situations: 

  • Planning your estate to minimize taxes, like if your estate surpasses the minimum taxation threshold
  • Taxes owed to the IRS, and you desire an independent review in the tax court about your situation.
  • When planning to file a lawsuit against the IRS
  • When being criminally investigated for tax evasion or fraud 
  • When needing to get a better understanding of the tax ramifications concerning different entity structures when starting a business
  • When planning on expanding your company on a global level and needing assistance with international contracts and taxes 
  • When owing a major IRS tax debt, especially when wanting to compromise or settle 
  • When the IRS is planning to garnish your wages or levy your accounts 
  • When struggling to navigate complicated tax forms
  • When requiring assistance to legally minimize your future tax liabilities


For more information about a tax attorney in Atlanta or another area in Georgia, contact the Law Office of Max Benkel today. For over 35 years, Max Benkel has been handling IRS tax cases. He also worked for a national CPA firm and for the IRS. Also, his firm, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, focuses on estate taxes, business matters, and all tax controversies. 

So, if you are looking up tax attorneys in Atlanta, look no further than the Law Office of Max Benkel. His credentials, which are already mentioned, speak for themselves. Nevertheless, if you are still not sure, the following includes his other, relative credentials: 

  • Member of the Georgia State Bar Association
  • Member of the American Bar Association, Tax Section, Member
  • Lecturer and Speaker for IRS- Round Table Television Program, IRS Problems and Procedures, Certified Financial Planners Annual Meeting, IRS Matters, and Local and Civic Groups

You will be in great hands with this lawyer. So, instead of wasting your time searching for various Atlanta tax attorneys, contact this law office today!

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