Filing State Taxes in Georgia

filing taxFiling state taxes is a necessary step for anyone who earns at least some income in the state of Georgia in the previous year. This applies both to permanent residents of the state of Georgia as well as those who simply happened to have spent some of their time in the state in the previous year earning some income. Thus, it might be worthwhile to hire a Georgia tax attorney in the event that you earned a significant portion of your income in the state, or if you feel that you are being unfairly accused of committing tax crimes in the state of Georgia that you obviously did not commit. Either scenario is something that can make a person want to know some Atlanta tax law to back themselves up.

Your Tax Implications in The State of Georgia 

The state of Georgia, like many other states, has a state income tax that they charge for those earning a living in the state. The purpose of this tax is to help them fund their various government projects. Everything from roads and bridges to general welfare programs are funded via state taxes, and it is important that people pay all that they are legally required to pay. That said, tax attorneys in Atlanta can help ensure that you don’t pay any more than you are required to, and they can make sure you are not charged with crimes for not paying taxes that you don’t owe.

If you are not a resident of the state of Georgia, you are not legally required to file state income taxes in Georgia if the amount of money you made in the state does not exceed the lesser of 5% or your total income for the year, or $5,000. Thus, if the amount of work that you did in Georgia was a very small percentage of the pie of what you did for the entire year, then you probably want to get in touch with Georgia tax attorneys as quickly as possible. They can make it easier for you to understand what your true tax implications are, and what you actually need to bother with filing.

Taxes Are a Serious Deal 

There are major implications if you do not file your taxes properly or if you fail to file them at all with the state of Georgia or any other entity that you legally need to report them to. The penalties can escalate all the way up to jail time if you are not careful about how you manage your tax filings and are astute at getting this all taken care of. You may need to come knocking on the door of a tax attorney in Atlanta if you find yourself pressed up against the wall and are unable to see how to get out of this situation. As scary as this can be, good Atlanta tax attorneys like those found at the Law Office of Max Benkel know how to handle this to ensure that you receive the best and most fair outcome in your situation. They have dealt with plenty of cases just like yours in the past, and they know that often people are scared when they come through their doors. Fortunately, they also know how to guide them towards a more favorable outcome.

When the government comes knocking for their tax money, it is best to have people by your side who know how to fight back. When you work with attorneys that are serious about the work that they do, you stand a much better chance of coming through all of this just fine. You just have to trust that your attorney will provide you with actual help navigating through all of this, and then you are well on your way towards getting back on your feet.

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