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Of all the bills and due payments you would not want to mess up or miss out on, it is got to be the tax collections by the IRS. That is why if you want to resolve your tax issues as soon as possible, the Law Office of Max Benkel gives you your needed IRS collections attorney in Atlanta.

Can I go without paying the IRS?

No, you cannot go without paying the IRS.

Technically speaking, every taxpayer should pay their taxes accordingly. Otherwise, you may face tax evasion charges, which could subject you to penalties and jail time. That is why you must take this process of collecting taxes very seriously so that you do not run into bigger legal problems later on.

However, even the most diligent taxpayer can still have issues later on. In many cases, a taxpayer will receive a notice from the IRS that a tax return they filed many years ago is now in an audit. How far back can the IRS go after your tax returns?

According to the IRS statute of limitations, the government can audit your tax returns up to three years after the due date, granted that you filed early. If you filed late and without an extension, then the statute will run from your actual filing date and up to three years from then. Further, six years statute of limitation will apply to other cases, such as large understatements of income and basis overstatements.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Avoid IRS Collections?

To avoid collecting taxes from the IRS, which you feel is wrong and unjust, you need to hire a tax lawyer. What you will essentially need is to show factual evidence that you either do not have any deficiency in your filed tax returns or that you do not have the financial ability to pay off the supposed debt.

Your tax lawyer can also work out a strategy to help you qualify for an offer in compromise so you can negotiate that the debt be in written format

If you ever face a tax problem like this, do not hesitate to consult tax lawyers at the Law Office of Max Benkel. Contact us now!

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