Penalties Associated with Underpaying Your Taxes

Paying taxes is a civic duty, contributing to public welfare and demonstrating responsible citizenship. Underpayment of taxes not only catches the IRS’s eye but can also lead to serious consequences. The Financial Repercussions When you underpay taxes, the IRS imposes penalties which can quickly snowball. Here are some critical aspects to understand: Penalty Rate: If […]

Can Unpaid Tax Debts Lead to Home Foreclosure?

Karen had been a homeowner for almost a decade. She was an everyday person who worked diligently to maintain her home and pay her bills. However, she found herself battling with tax debts. Despite her hard work and stringent budgeting, these obligations kept piling up. Taxation is often perceived with a sense of dread and […]

How to Unfreeze a Bank Account that the IRS Has Frozen

Imagine waking up to discover your bank account has been frozen by the Internal Revenue Service. This could have a catastrophic effect on all aspects of life, emphasizing the importance of understanding the IRS’s actions and how to address them. Why the IRS Freezes Accounts The IRS has the legal authority to freeze a bank […]

What to Do When You Get a Notice of Wage Garnishment from the IRS

Receiving a Notice of Wage Garnishment from the IRS can evoke a sense of panic. One may feel as if the ground is shifting beneath their feet, much like John, an Atlanta resident, felt when he got the notice. Defining Notice of Wage Garnishment It’s a legal demand requiring your employer to withhold a certain […]

IRS Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement

Navigating the labyrinth of IRS debts can be a daunting task, like a ship lost in a stormy sea. It is a struggle that many, unfortunately, find themselves ensnared in. One possible lifeline is the IRS Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement. What is it? This is a payment plan that permits taxpayers to pay off their tax […]

What Are IRS Payment Plans Like?

Are you worried about paying your taxes in full by the deadline? Avoid unnecessary financial hardship and stress due to unpaid taxes. Whether you need assistance with your financial situation, negotiating a payment plan IRS, or setting up an installment plan, the Law Office of Max Benkel can help. IRS Payment Plans There are short-term […]

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