Filing State Taxes in Georgia

Filing state taxes is a necessary step for anyone who earns at least some income in the state of Georgia in the previous year. This applies both to permanent residents of the state of Georgia as well as those who simply happened to have spent some of their time in the state in the previous […]

Skeptical of the IRS? How Max Benkel Can Help

Your phone rings. You pick it up and someone on the other end claims to be with the Internal Revenue Service. They claim you owe a great deal of money to the IRS, and they want payment stat. You should not worry. That’s a scam that the IRS wants to stop. Financial Scams Using the […]

What Are My Options if I Don’t get My Taxes Filed?

Things can happen along the way, and someone can fail to get their taxes filed on time. So, what are your options when this happens, and will you need an Atlanta tax attorney to help you with the process? Read on to learn what steps you can take when in such a situation. What You […]

Difference Between State Filing and Federal Filing

Are you looking for a tax attorney Georgia to explain the difference between filing federal and state taxes? Paying taxes is frustrating, but it’s even more frustrating if you’re a tax novice. It is even worse when you have to file two different tax reports for the state and the federal government every year. A […]

How Important is it to Hire a Tax Attorney that has Prior Experience?

If you are struggling to handle tax-related issues such as IRS audits, wage garnishments, IRS liens, you might want to consider getting assistance from a tax attorney. Choosing the right tax attorney can make a huge difference to your case. It is important that you equip yourself with the right information so you can make […]

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