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The idea of tax audits is frightening to most taxpayers, even if they have nothing to hide and have done everything legally. After all, if things don’t go your way, you could be facing extra penalties like fines, back taxes, and in some cases, even harsher penalties like jail time. Unfortunately, most individuals just want the problem to go away, so they provide the IRS with whatever they’re requesting. But chances are, that move will rarely work out in your favor.

The reason is simple: the IRS is a massive, powerful, taxpayer funded organization that can leverage all its resources into pursuing its audit. You can be sure that they will not leniently avert their eyes from anything they find suspicious, and will most likely vigorously pursue a judgement against you, either in the form of fines, back taxes, or criminal charges.

This is why you need a good tax attorney on your side, and specifically one who knows how to handle an IRS audit. They can prepare a legal defense in your favor, which will prove especially beneficial if the IRS determines they want to pursue criminal charges—something your CPA can’t help you deflect (even if they’re good with numbers). And even if things don’t get that serious, they can help negotiate lower fees and reduce the amount of back taxes owed (if applicable).

Your first reaction to IRS audit request might be one of trepidation, and that anxiety can prevent you from clearly thinking through the best way to respond. It’s important to consult with a tax lawyer before you make any response, so they can advise you on your rights and responsibilities. These will vary greatly between an audit of business taxes and individual taxes, and in that regard a tax attorney can help prepare the most adequate defense for the type of audit you are facing.

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