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Try as you might to avoid them, IRS tax collections may be inevitable. As you can imagine, the federal government has a number of resources at their disposal to track anyone down and compel them to pay up what Uncle Sam thinks he is owed. The good news is you don’t have to flee to a third world country or escape on your yacht to Monaco. You can just contact a competent tax attorney and discuss the best strategy for dealing with a collections notice.

Many taxpayers make the mistake of assuming that whatever Uncle Sam sends them in writing is set in stone. After all, it is pretty difficult to get someone from the IRS on the phone and begin negotiating different terms. That’s where a tax attorney comes in. Their familiarity with the tax codes both at the state and federal level can assist you in responding to a IRS collections notice in a way that minimizes the damage to you.

Perhaps an error in accounting or a simple clerical error inputting information resulted in the IRS believing you owe more than you really do. If that’s the case, it would be a shame to lose thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of dollars just because you didn’t want to invest time questioning an IRS tax collections notice or didn’t believe you could. Alternatively, you could be well aware that you are behind on your taxes.

In fact, the first thing you should do upon getting a collection notice from the IRS is consult with a tax attorney to see what you can do moving forward. Ignoring a collection notice can have serious consequences for your business or individual income, as the IRS can seize liquid assets from your bank account or garnish wages from your employer. On the other hand, acting too quickly without taking legal counsel can result in forfeiting your right and ability to contest the collection amount and/or reduce what you are asked to pay.

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