Dianna B.

Oh Max — once again you saved me.

I cannot thank you enough. You truly are a miracle in my life and so happy to have reconnected with you. I am FINALLY working my way back up and when I received the IRS notices — it made me sick to my stomach. If the IRS could just see what I have been through to get back on my feet — but clearly they are only interested in collecting money.

Thank you Thank you Thank you — from the bottom of my heart!


-Dianna B.

Mr. Benkel helped me immensely over multiple years with a serious tax issue…

“Mr. Benkel helped me immensely over multiple years with a serious tax issue. I eventually learned to listen to his advice and follow his instructions to the letter. Fortunately, thanks to his expertise at the helm, we had a very positive result. I could not have negotiated with the IRS without his help. That would have been impossible without his knowledge of these matters and many years of experience managing these issues for his clients. I can say without hesitation that the results were literally life changing. Thanks to Max, I am not only free of the tax issues that dogged me for years but he was able to educate  me on the importance of compliance and having an understanding of how to manage taxes.”

His expertise gave me peace of mind

Max Benkel really understands tax law and was able to correct tax return issues for me successfully with the IRS that I had tried on my own for 3 years to manage to no avail. He made the process seamless and was able to negotiate a solution. More importantly is expertise gave me peace of mind . I have referred Max, and he is my only go to resource for my tax filings.

Straight forward and very professional

I have relied on attorney Max Benkel for well over a decade. Max and his law firm have consistently offered great service , multiple solutions , and valuable advice to me. In my opinion, Max is one of the few best professionals to deal with. I was referred to Max Benkel when my company was facing complicated issues. from my first consultation to the final days of my case , I was always well informed, and thoroughly explained about every step of the process, which can be very overwhelming. Max always welcomed any questions that I had , explained every step clearly and patiently , took the time to explain the law page by page , and always answered my e-mails and texts on time. Max provided me with outstanding service , and put his excellent knowledge of the law on the full display. straight forward and very professional. you can depend on Max Benkel. I highly recommend him.

Max Benkel saved my life

I have not filed my taxes for 7 years . I could not sleep every night because I was worried that the irs would find me and take all my money and my house . One day it did happen the Irs sent me a letter in the mail investigating and asking me about my filling. I was so scared so I started to look for help on google . I found one of the known tax services that has commercials on tv . They asked me to pay huge fees for their help then I found the phone number for attorney max benkel. I call max and met with him, explained to him my problem and showed him the letter from the irs . Max assured me that he will take care of all my tax problems with the irs . Max filed all my taxes from my previous years , submitted all my returns and got me on an affordable payments plane. Max benkel saved my life and I can sleep in peace every night. Max benkel is my best friend now

Max’s counsel was amazing!

I was in the middle of several tax issues with the IRS and the State of Georgia. Max’s counsel was amazing! He helped me navigate the “legal waters” and I am now on my feet again. I continue to use his services as I move my business forward! Thanks Max!

I trust him with my life

I have used the services of Max Benkel for the last 27 years and simply put I trust him with my life.

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