How Important is it to Hire a Tax Attorney that has Prior Experience?

tax attorneyIf you are struggling to handle tax-related issues such as IRS audits, wage garnishments, IRS liens, you might want to consider getting assistance from a tax attorney. Choosing the right tax attorney can make a huge difference to your case. It is important that you equip yourself with the right information so you can make an informed decision on how to choose the right tax attorney for your requirements. 

What does a tax attorney do? 

Tax attorneys can specialize in handling different issues related to tax including audits, delinquent tax returns, IRS tax payment plans, and more. When you hire a tax attorney, they can guide you on how to handle IRS notices, communicate with IRS, negotiate tax settlements, and more. 

Tax attorneys have to go through extensive qualifications before they represent their clients in court. A Juris Doctor (J.D) degree is the minimum requirement for most types of tax attorneys. Some lawyers specialize in tax-related issues by getting a Master of Laws in Taxation (LLM) degree. All tax attorneys need to pass the bar exam to prove their competence as a lawyer. They also need to keep up with local and state license requirements, tax codes, and legal changes.  

How important is it to hire a tax attorney with prior experience? 

Whether you are looking for a commercial IRS collection attorney, debt collection lawsuit attorney, it is always better to go with a tax attorney that has prior experience. The importance of prior experience for a tax attorney cannot be understated. An experienced attorney is better equipped to handle paperwork requirements, which can be extremely extensive for tax-related issues. Experienced tax attorneys tend to have a keen eye for avoiding the common mistakes and errors in legal paperwork. 

Another key advantage of hiring a tax lawyer with prior experience is that they understand the system. A brilliant young legal mind might have all the legal talent required to be an excellent tax attorney, but if they don’t understand the system, they will struggle to navigate their client to success. With experience, the tax lawyer would have learned how to use the local legal system to best suit their client’s needs. There is no textbook on learning the system, it can only be learned through experience.

A common mistake made by new and inexperienced IRS collection lawyers is that they don’t delegate enough work to their staff. They get so caught up in paperwork and administrative tasks they have less time to work on legal strategy for the case. With an experienced attorney, they have learned how to best delegate work to their staff. They also understand the strengths and weaknesses of their staff so they delegate more efficiently. This allows the tax attorney to not feel rushed in meeting court deadlines. The staff of an experienced tax attorney is like a well-oiled machine that makes sure all paperwork is correctly filled out and submitted on time. 

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The ultimate decision to choose the tax lawyer will be a combination of many things, however, having prior experience as a tax attorney is going to be one of the critical factors in the decision. If you are looking for IRS collections attorneys, or commercial IRS collection attorneys, please contact us at the Law Office of Max Benkel. With over 35 years of practice, Max Benkel can help you with any legal issues related to IRS tax including tax filing, IRS audits, tax appeals, IRS payment plans, and more. You can contact us via phone or website to schedule a consultation session with Max Benkel. 

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