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IRS controversies are best handled by an attorney familiar with federal tax laws and the codes of the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to the fact that disputes over taxes can be difficult to pursue, making contact with the IRS can be equally difficult. An attorney familiar with how to contest and dispute back taxes, collections, and audits will know how to navigate the process, speak to the right people, and negotiate the best terms for you moving forward.

The penalty for ignoring an IRS controversy can be steep, resulting in additional fines or even jail time. Moreover, taxpayers have a tendency to assume that whatever the IRS sends them is incontestably set in stone. But nothing could be further from the truth! Even the government can make mistakes, and you shouldn’t need to pay the price for their error or a lack in accounting for the entirety of a situation.

Whether your IRS controversy is personal or business related, I can handle disputing it and securing a favorable outcome for you financially. It’s important to realize that in addition to controversies resulting from an error—for example, entering information improperly—the IRS in recent years has been known to unfairly target certain individuals and organizations. If you think that your IRS controversy might be sourced in something other than a mistake, it’s even more crucial to seek representation so you can secure a fair outcome to your dispute.

There’s no need to face the IRS alone, no matter what type of controversy you are facing. Fast track settlements, arbitration, mediation, and appeals are just a few of the options a skilled tax attorney can help you with, especially one who has decades of experience navigating IRS controversies. Take into consideration the money you will save by not letting the IRS take more than their fair share, and the stress you’ll prevent yourself from experiencing by soliciting a lawyer to handle your dispute for you.

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