What Are My Options if I Don’t get My Taxes Filed?

Tax filingThings can happen along the way, and someone can fail to get their taxes filed on time. So, what are your options when this happens, and will you need an Atlanta tax attorney to help you with the process? Read on to learn what steps you can take when in such a situation.

What You Can Do If You Have Missed a Tax deadline

Even when you have missed the deadline, you should still file taxes as you normally would. The difference would be the penalties you owe the IRS if you did not file for an extension. Sometimes one can fail to file or to request an extension. When this happens, you may want to consider getting a tax attorney Georgia who can negotiate a deal to help you get things back to normal without penalties.

Filing Returns Late

You can still file your returns late, the same way you would have under normal circumstances. It is better to file late than not to file at all. At most, you will only be charged fees associated with filing late. Even if the IRS owes you a refund, you still need to file taxes. That is because you will not get a refund till you do. The only difference is that you will not be charged any penalties for filing late. Keep in mind that after three years, you miss the refund.

Confirming Your Return Has Been Accepted

After filing returns, the IRS will email you to confirm if the return has been accepted or rejected. If your return gets rejected, log into your account, rectify any mistakes, then resubmit it.

Consequences of Not Filing Taxes


This is the most common consequence of not filing your returns. And if you have not filed for several years, then the interest charged is probably high. Getting a tax lawyer Georgia can be helpful as they can help negotiate for a lower penalty with the IRS.

No Refund

If the IRS was to give you a refund, but you failed to file, you would lose the refund. Also, you only have three years to file, after which you lose the chance to claim your refund.

Tax Liens

This is one of the serious consequences of not filing your taxes where the IRS can own your property to settle the taxes owed. When you receive this notice, you need to find the best attorney with knowledge of tax liens in Georgia. Tax liens can hinder you from getting credit, renting an apartment, and they may even jeopardize your job.


As much as jail is rare, it is possible. You might be facing up to a year in prison for not filing taxes. Keep in mind that you cannot go to jail just because you owe taxes. However, you can go to jail if your taxes are not filed or you are intentionally evading taxes.

How an Attorney Can Help

Some of these consequences, like jail and tax liens, are pretty serious. That is why you need to get a tax attorney Atlanta GA before things get out of hand. They will help you catch up with the unfiled returns, negotiate for penalty reduction and request the IRS to remove the lien on a particular property. In cases where you are being incarcerated, a tax attorney Atlanta can attempt to strike a deal with the IRS for you to pay what you owe in return for the charges being dropped.

The Law Office of Max Benkel recommends having a tax attorney if you are facing any tax issues that you cannot manage on your own. Sometimes, even consulting with an attorney early can help you avoid a bigger problem in the future. If you have not filed your taxes and need a tax attorney in Georgia, reach out to maxbenkel.com. We can help you get back into compliance with the IRS.

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