The IRS Audit Letter: What Does It Look Like and How Should I Respond?

irs audit letterWhat Does an IRS Audit Letter Look Like?

An IRS audit letter would come as certified mail that displays your name, form number, taxpayer ID, contact information, and employee ID number. It will also have the IRS form’s name and number.

The audit letter comes from the IRS. However, the Department of Treasury or the US Treasury may send the audit letter.

How Should I Respond? 

Please note that your response before, during, and after receiving an IRS audit determines your compliance with them. When dealing with the IRS, it is serious, and it is recommended to contact a reputable attorney in your state. So, for the state of Georgia, it is important to consult with a reputable Georgia tax attorney. Other than that, the following include the basics of how to prepare and respond to the audit letter:

  • Read the entire letter first. Take note of all requested documents or information. This letter will instruct you on how to reply to them.
  • Print out the required forms and complete them.
  • Obtain the supporting documents, such as 1099s, W2s, or receipts.
  • Start writing an IRS response that outlines any disputed claims. Write out specific reasons why you think the IRS made a mistake. Also, use supporting documents as references. The following includes what you should write:
    • The date of your response
    • The IRS address, which is at the top of the original IRS letter, should be in your audit letter.
    • The subject line will be above the body of your response letter along with the IRS audit letter or notice number.
    • Your name, contact information, and taxpayer identification number
    • The IRS agent’s name who is in charge of your case
    • Mail copies of your supporting documents with your IRS response letter along with the original IRS letter’s perforated portion in the lower section. The address will be at the top of the original letter.

Details of What to Say in the Body of the Letter

When it comes to responding, please note that it’s not an easy task. Reputable Georgia tax attorneys will seriously recommend getting professional services when it comes to the IRS audit letter.

Nevertheless, you must attend to your due diligence as previously listed. This includes outlining any disputed claims, giving specific reasons for the potential IRS mistake, and more. The following includes more details on how to respond to the IRS:

  • Address each finding or item that the IRS mentioned in the audit letter.
  • On those items, state your position.
  • Be as detailed as possible, including circumstances and dates, as references in supporting your position.
  • Include any documentation that the IRS asked for. If you don’t have any required information, you must obtain copies from the original copies. For instance, if you are missing proof that confirms your charitable donations and the IRS has questions about your charitable deductions, you must obtain duplicate documentation by contacting the charity.

If you don’t respond to the IRS audit letter by the deadline, the IRS will send a follow-up notice of deficiency to you. All reputable Atlanta tax attorneys will tell you how serious this notice is. So, they will seriously encourage you not to miss the deadline or encourage you to contact the IRS if you can’t respond by the deadline.

This notice would be an official notice that determines that the IRS was correct concerning their questions on your return. Thus, this letter will include the assessed additional tax amount, interest, and penalties.

How an Attorney Can Help

When it comes to an IRS audit letter and your response, doing your due diligence is important. However, it is easy for any regular taxpayer to miss some specifications and nuances. Having said this, it will behoove you to contact a proven tax attorney.

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