Tax Attorneys and Their Significance During Tax Season

tax attorneyLawyers specializing in tax law are known as tax attorneys. Tax attorneys assist clients in arranging their funds in a way that maximizes their tax status, complies with tax rules, and resolves tax issues with the government or any other financial regulators. For example, some tax professionals focus on estate planning, international taxation, or business taxes.

Lawyers and accountants both employ tax attorneys in some capacity. Independent professionals, on the other hand, are those who run their businesses and are solely responsible for their general rules. Tax attorneys at law firms advise their clients on how to maximize their tax advantages in a variety of situations.

Depending on what is required, they may create agreements or other contractual documents, and they might just represent clients in the court system or other places.

Adhering to Atlanta tax law and tax standards is a primary concern for tax attorneys at accounting and advisory businesses.

When it Makes Sense to Hire a Tax Lawyer

Employing Georgia tax attorneys may be the best option in some circumstances, like:

Preparation For One’s Financial Future

When it comes to estate planning, tax attorneys can assist you in devising plans and handling the documentation required to minimize taxes or shift possessions to family and friends or established trusts.

Creating a Company

When it comes to establishing, purchasing, selling, or developing a business, a tax attorney can offer guidance on the most tax-efficient ways to do it.

Tax Disputes

The IRS, the state, or a municipal tax administration can all be sued over tax matters; if you seek a review before the US Tax Court, tax attorneys in Atlanta can help.

Reduced Taxes

If you owe money to the IRS or another taxing authority and would like to negotiate or fight your debt, a tax attorney can help.

  • Make a Reasonable Offer
  • Relief for the innocent spouse
  • Tax bills can be paid in installments over some time.

Who Should You Hire as Your Tax Lawyer?

This is a list of things to look out for:

A License to Practice Law

To practice law, a person needs to obtain a license from the state bar association. Your state’s bar association website can help you determine if a Georgia tax attorney is licensed to practice in your state.

Indications of Extensive Education or Specialized Training

Legal training is required in the majority of states to obtain a law license. A master’s degree in taxation is required for some Atlanta tax attorneys (called an LL.M). As certified public accountants, several tax attorneys additionally hold CPA credentials.

A Tax Identification Number for a Tax Preparer (PTIN).

The IRS requires that anyone who files tax returns for remuneration obtain a PTIN. To file your taxes, a tax attorney must sign the form and issue a taxpayer identification number (PTIN).

Don’t Wait Until It’s Late to Hire a Tax Attorney

At the Law Office of Max Benkel, our tax attorney can help if you’re experiencing an issue with the IRS or merely have questions and concerns. If you have even the slightest inkling that you might require the services of a tax lawyer, you should move quickly to secure our services.

Be proactive rather than reactive. If somehow the IRS is not responsive to your efforts to fix an error, our tax attorney in Atlanta can help with the following:

  • Prepare persuasive communications to the IRS which they will read
  • Direct knowledge of the IRS’s many divisions, like where key issues should be addressed, is essential
  • Bring an end to the breakdown in communication by negotiating over the telephone

You won’t go to jail for not paying your taxes, but you could end up behind bars if you’re deemed as cheating. Let us correct the situation now, before it gets out of hand, by calling our office today.

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