Tax Debt: What To Expect From the Collection Process

tax deduction planningTax debt is any taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after failing to meet the filing deadline. It doesn’t matter if you have paid a partial amount or not. The balance will still be considered tax debt.

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Tax Debt Collection Process

If you are not able to pay your taxes in full or file your tax returns by the intended time, the IRS tax collection process for reclaiming the unpaid bills will begin:

  • Notice and demand payment: you will receive a letter explaining the balance due and demanding payment in full. It will indicate the amount of unpaid tax and any penalties or interest accrued from the tax due date.
  • Statutory lien 6321: the IRS will use this law section to attach a lien to all your property and property rights if you do not pay your due taxes.
  • Requests for payment 6502 Authority to collect the tax due 6301
  • Notice of lien (30-day letter)6320
  • Notice of intent levy (30-day letter) 6330
  • Levy and ditraint 6331

If you cannot pay your due taxes in full, you may consider a payment plan such as a short-term payment of up to 180 days or a monthly installment agreement.

The IRS can be intimidating and has the mandate to take extreme collection measures. So hiring a tax settlement attorney from a reputable tax attorney Atlanta, GA, with experience in dealing with IRS, may help you get a perfect resolution and get you out of trouble.

How a Tax Settlement Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been denied payment, your tax debt attorney might consider filing for a tax debt relief program approved by the IRS. Also, your tax settlement attorney can help you apply for a hardship program that enables you to postpone payments for up to three years or set up low monthly payments.

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