Back Taxes: What You Need To Know?

back taxes symbolTax law can be complicated, especially if you owe back taxes to Georgia and find yourself facing government action. When taxpayers pay back taxes, the government often starts a collection process to recoup the money owed. Working with an Atlanta tax attorney can help you navigate the process of dealing with back taxes and working with the government.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Max Benkel are dedicated to assisting taxpayers in getting caught up on their taxes while working with the government to develop a repayment plan. Call our office today to learn more about back taxes and how we can help.

What Are Back Taxes?

Back taxes have not been paid for previous tax years. Back taxes can be for fully unpaid taxes or partially unpaid taxes for past tax years at both federal, state, and local levels. It is common for back taxes to accumulate interest and penalties based on the duration they go unpaid.

A taxpayer may fall behind on taxes, especially if they do not file a previous year’s income tax return. Speaking with a tax attorney in Atlanta may help determine how much is owed in back taxes and help work with the government to get these taxes paid in full.

Consequences if Back Taxes Are Not Settled

Unpaid taxes also accrue fees, penalties, and interest, based on how many months and years had passed from when the they were owed initially.

How Georgia Department of Revenue Collects

The Georgia Department of Revenue can collect back taxes through wage garnishment, property seizure, sale of personal property, and levies on bank accounts. A collection agency may also be used to help get the funds paid, which can incur additional fees and interest.

Do I Owe Back Taxes?

If you are wondering, “Do I owe back taxes?” It is best to speak with a tax attorney. Your attorney can help create a feasible installment plan and plead your case to the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue. In addition, it is possible to compromise on how much is owed with an attorney and settle for less.

How to File

If you have back taxes, filing them like any other tax return is best. It is possible to file online by searching for the year you must file for and following directions to complete it. You may need to request the assistance of a tax attorney or accountant to help file back taxes.

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