What Can Trigger a High-Stakes IRS Tax Audit?

IRS tax auditEvery year, the tax season arrives, and with it, you’ve unknowingly called attention to yourself with an IRS trigger. When such a thing happens, you need an IRS audit lawyer. But exactly what triggers an IRS audit when you file?

What Can Trigger a High-Stakes IRS Tax Audit?

Using the wrong deductions for your home office.

The rules for deductions differ in a home office’s size and other aspects. Working from home isn’t one size fits all when it comes to claiming your home office on your taxes. We can help you have a complete understanding of these deductions and other IRS rules.

Your deductions are far too high in proportion to your income.

If you are taking large deductions consistently, your income is always much lower; this triggers an IRS red flag.

Making Mathematical Errors

Pay close attention to your decimal points and zeros, and use accurate numbers instead of rounding them up. Failing to double-check your work might lead to you triggering the need for an audit attorney.

Claiming Large Losses

If the losses you claim seem too large for your business or possibly are the wrong kind for the type of business you have, you could get unwanted attention and auditing by the IRS.

An IRS tax audit can induce panic. During an audit, having an expert audit attorney is essential. It doesn’t need to when you have the Law Office of Max Benkel. Get in touch with our audit attorney for the best advice on deductions and practices for your audit or tax situation. We can explain every aspect of an audit and will keep the IRS from intimidating you.

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