What Are IRS Payment Plans Like?

IRS installment payment planAre you worried about paying your taxes in full by the deadline? Avoid unnecessary financial hardship and stress due to unpaid taxes. Whether you need assistance with your financial situation, negotiating a payment plan IRS, or setting up an installment plan, the Law Office of Max Benkel can help.

IRS Payment Plans

There are short-term plans (less than 120 days) and long-term plans (more than 120 days) available. The monthly payment will depend on your income, expenses, and the tax debt owed. The interest on your tax debt will continue accumulating, so paying as much as possible each month is important. Depending on your situation, a fee may be associated with setting up and maintaining an IRS payment plan. It’s important to stay compliant with the terms of the agreement to avoid default and enforcement action.

Benefits of IRS Payment Plans

  • Avoid penalties and interest charges
  • Avoid wage garnishments and collections
  • Maintain compliance with tax laws

How IRS Collection Lawyers Can Help

Does dealing with the IRS sound stressful or intimidating? IRS collection lawyers can help.

An IRS collection lawyer can help you:

  1. Negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to reduce your monthly payments, interest rates, or penalties.
  2. Prepare and file forms to set up an installment agreement.
  3. Provide guidance on the best installment plan for you.
  4. Provide tax planning advice to ensure compliance with tax laws.
  5. Help with resolving disputes regarding the installment agreement.
  6. Representation in meetings with the IRS regarding your installment agreement.

If you’re struggling with outstanding tax debt, the Law Office of Max Benkel can help. We can review your financial situation, negotiate with the IRS, and help you set up the right installment plan for you. Don’t let unpaid taxes cause unnecessary stress or financial hardship. Contact the Law Office of Max Benkel today to learn how we can help you resolve your tax debt.

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