What to Do When You Get a Notice of Wage Garnishment from the IRS

person reading wage farnishment documents at deskReceiving a Notice of Wage Garnishment from the IRS can evoke a sense of panic. One may feel as if the ground is shifting beneath their feet, much like John, an Atlanta resident, felt when he got the notice.

Defining Notice of Wage Garnishment

It’s a legal demand requiring your employer to withhold a certain amount from your paycheck for unpaid tax debts. Understanding its implications is crucial to addressing the situation effectively.

The IRS typically issues a Notice of Wage Garnishment after repeated attempts to collect unpaid taxes. The notice is the IRS’s way of ensuring they get their due. To avoid further complications, immediate action is required.

Taking Action

Ignoring the notice can lead to a cycle of mounting penalties and interest. Prompt response is key, and the first step should be consulting with a tax professional. An expert tax filing attorney, such as those at the Law Office of Max Benkel, can provide invaluable guidance. Their expertise is backed by years of dealing with similar situations, and they can help navigate intricate tax laws.

Several options exist to address wage garnishment.

  • A repayment plan with the IRS can be set up.
  • In some cases, an Offer in Compromise may be negotiated, reducing the overall debt.
  • For couples, Innocent Spouse Relief may be applicable, freeing the innocent spouse from the tax obligation.
  • As a last resort, filing for bankruptcy can be considered, though it comes with its own set of challenges and implications

Getting the Right Help

Legal services play a pivotal role in dealing with wage garnishment. Specialized tax attorneys in Atlanta can provide the expertise and guidance required. They can help negotiate with the IRS, using their understanding of tax law to advocate for a reasonable resolution. They can also assist in setting up repayment plans or applying for Innocent Spouse Relief.

Understanding a Notice of Wage Garnishment from the IRS and taking prompt action is vital. Consult with a tax professional, explore your options, and don’t hesitate to avail yourself of legal services. The Law Office of Max Benkel can provide the necessary support.

Addressing wage garnishment is not something to be done single-handedly. Legal representation can significantly tip the scales in your favor. The expertise and guidance of a qualified tax attorney can be the difference between financial hardship and a manageable resolution. If you or a loved one receive a Notice of Wage Garnishment, seek professional help immediately. Your financial future may depend on it.

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